When the selected young refugees come to Brazil, they stay in the Training Center. The space is located in a former farm hotel, divided into two modules, with a total area of 64 thousand square meters in the mountainous region of the historic Fluminense Valley of Coffee which in the last century produced about 75% of the coffee consumed in the world.

The first module is composed of dining rooms, study center, medical department, football department, leisure area and dormitories. With capacity to accommodate 96 athletes, the dormitories are equipped with four beds per room and individual closets.

The second module features the sports equipment: two football fields (official and a smaller one), swimming pool, sauna and strength training academy. Trips and displacements are made by minibuses. Black Pearls also rely on local city partnerships that offer three other official fields, so players can train and further enhance their techniques.


In a set of three rooms is installed the medical and physiotherapy department. Three professionals (a doctor, a nurse and a physiotherapist) form the health team. Performed in a preventive way, the work is oriented to the identification of health problems That can be treated so as not to hinder the best yield during the season. Athletes receive medical, physiotherapeutic, dental, speech-language, psychological and nutritional care. In emergency and surgical situations, the academy has an agreement with the municipal and state public networks.


Five meals are served per day in a cafeteria with a capacity for 50 people, under the guidance and supervision of nutritionists. A team of 12 professionals takes care of food and drink services.


The Black Pearls are attended daily by qualified professionals hired and the Public and State networks, among football manager, technicians, nutritionist, medical physiotherapist, educators, dentist, speech therapist, psychologist, supervisor and specialized physical trainer who devote their work to helping players to develop and improve their weaknesses in order to overcome challenges in the field and in life.