Training centers



The training process consists of the physical (1), technical (2) and tactical (3)development of the players.
Physical - Soccer players are high-performance athletes and need to be able to run for 90 minutes, with a few seconds to recover. In order to reach the professional level, it is necessary to exercise intensely to develop the muscular structures and prepare the body.
Technician - The goal is to teach the young athletes the techniques of the game, how to pass, how to kick, how to cross and so on.
Tactical - It is also important to make the player understand what needs to be done and how to make the best decisions, according to the goals of the team.
Friendly matches and competitions are very important to give experience and complete the training process. You must live the process for at least two years to learn, practice and adapt to a new performance condition. The trainings are conducted during the six days of the week, with one day off and a one-month vacation per year.


If the player is unsuccessful in his or her football career, the plan is to prepare him for other sports-related functions such as a staff, assistant coach, goalkeeping coach, massage therapist, referee or related professions. School education provides for compulsory formal education in Brazil, in addition to workshops and extracurricular courses.