Created in Haiti in 2011 by Viva Rio, the Black Pearls Football Academy helps young people look for opportunities to draw a new life story and a better future through football. It is simultaneously a training center, school and residence, where the athlete sleep and follow a routine that includes formal and professional study, training and moments of leisure. Recruitment in Haiti is accomplished through the organization of informal tournaments of local street football. Technicians choose the best talent to train in modern facilities, located on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, in an area of 50 thousand square meters. More than 120 young athletes, among girls and boys, attend the Academy and have made progress in several areas.

From Haiti to Brasil

In Brazil the activities began in 2016, with the inauguration of a modern Training Center in the Vale do Café region, located in the city of Paty do Alferes, State of Rio de Janeiro. Young athletes who stand out in Haiti - as well as in Venezuela and Jordan - are invited to live in Brazil, where they find real chances to continue their school and sports education, with opportunities to enter the world soccer market.

The globalization of Black Pearl

Black Pearls Football Academy is the only institution in the Americas that is home to a worldwide refugee team, currently composed of Haitians, Syrians, Venezuelans and Brazilians that find themselves in vulnerable situations. Registered in Brazil as a professional team with the Football Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro, it performs also at the base levels, sub 20 and sub 17, and with a female team. To the surprise of the Brazilian sports world, Black Pearls became champion of the Carioca Championship Series C in the professional and sub categories. It will play the B2 Series this year (2018). The globalization of the project has been consolidating with a technical team visit to the Zaatari Field in Jordan to select new players, this time Syrians athletes.