From Venezuela to Black Pearls

Due to economic and political problems in Venezuela, Juan, 16, and his family left the country in 2015, and found refuge in Brazil and Black Pearls.

In Venezuelan markets there is a lack of food, hygiene products and medicines. Inflation is above 800% per year, increasing the price of basic supplies, even when these can be found. The chaotic situation has provoked a strong migratory wave of Venezuelans to the neighboring countries of Latin America, especially Brazil.

“My country’s situation was not easy, neither I nor my family would like to continue in that crisis and Brazil welcomed us,” says Juan.

Training for the club during the past year, the under-20s went over the difficulties of living in a new country, and today, they speak Portuguese fluently and share the merits with the Black Pearl project.

“I am very grateful to the Black Pearls. They gave me the opportunity to play in Brazil at a high level. In addition to helping me with social projects, language courses and training with qualified professionals, “he reports.

In addition to embracing the Brazilians, Black Pearls has players from Haiti, Syria and Venezuela. The club’s focus is to be increasingly recognized as the world’s refugee team.

By: Nathã Soares

Photo: Vitor Madeira

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