The Black Pearls is a football club created by Viva Rio to generate social impact. Our academies in Haiti and Brazil are at the same time home, school and training center for talented young people in search of a better future. They promote gender equality and meet all FIFA's requirements for a training club.


Around 150 athletes, boys and girls from the age of 11, live and study at the Black Pearls Academy on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, the capital of the Caribbean country.


The athetes that show the most talent and will are invited to go to the Academy in Brazil, where they can find real possibilities in the football market. The Black Pearls play in some of Brazil's biggest football competitions and its players also have the opportunity to get signed by big local clubs, as it has already happened to young Haitians.


Football is a democratic sport that leaves no room for prejudice or discrimination. This is why Viva Rio decided to open the doors of the Black Pearls to the world. A career in football is a possible and promising future for hundreds of young people who were forced to leave their countries over political or humanitarian issues.


The Black Pearls aim to be a world-wide team of refugees and, at the same time, to establish strong ties with the population of Paty do Alferes and the nearby Fluminense Coffee Valley, in the State of Rio, where the Academy is located. Selections for new players are carried out to strengthen the team, give opportunities to local youth and create a bond with the communities in the region.

Paty do Alferes


The Brazilian Football Confederation ruled that clubs may field a maximum of five foreign players per match, but we made an effort to change that. Now the institution considers refugees and immigrants arriving in Brazil as Brazilian athletes for humanitarian reasons, so the Haitians from the Black Pearls can compete in official tournaments.