Our academies offer education and physical exercises as part of the same process. Technical and tactical trainings are age-specific, but in all categories the work focuses on sports performance as well as on the human and intellectual development of the young athletes.


The Black Pearls Academy is forming citizens capable of contributing productively to society. The project also offers language classes and assistance for the kids to enter the official education system and access vocational and qualification courses.

We seek to form citizens capable of becoming inspirational role models and to help them achieve their goals inside or outside the football market.


The open tournaments organized by the Black Pearls Academy in Haiti add to the competitions some programs focused on peace and citizenship, so that the kids who participate have the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills and promote the well-being of their communities. Combining football and education, the tournaments stimulate the collective spirit, develop a general sense of responsibility and discipline and help teens deal with their feelings in the face of difficult circumstances.

Fair Play

Stimulating fair play is in the core of the Black Pearls, which aims to train conscious and prepared athletes to exert a positive influence in the world. Avoiding fouls also brings competitive advantages, since in professional football more and more goals arise from dead-ball situations.


With people from all ages coaching together, it is not only natural but also healthy that a rivalry develops between teams. That is why we hold tactical mixed group matches with taylored rules and take advantage of the competitiveness of the younger ones to improve their technique and stimulate tactical awareness. 


Until the age of 15 the athletes train all game tactics in order to become versatile and smart players. The training sessions are based on real match situations and prioritize working in shorter fields. Video lectures are frequent to stimulate football knowledge and game vision.


The Black Pearls' vocation is to develop athletes, but we know that not all of them will make a living as football players. Therefore, even with the heavy routine of training, we do not neglect the work in providing education and culture. Thus we guarantee that, whether in Brazil or in their original countries, those who do not pursue a career in the fields will be in good shape to compete for other jobs.