Join our cause! Help us to create a team of refugees, precious talents found in the deepest of waters.

The Black Pearls Academy welcomes and nourishes children living in dire situations. The world today has 68.5 million refugees and half of them are children and adolescents. Hundreds of millions more are exposed to extreme poverty and urban violence. It's because of them that we invite you to make a donation.

The Black Pearls Academy embraces low-income communities and plants its roots down. Through soccer/football training, it mobilizes youths and offers world-class instruction to those who stand out for their perseverance and talent. Currently, we are woking in communities in Brasil, Haiti, and in refugee camps in Jordan. Sports helps us to instill discipline and a physical, intellectual and moral education on these young athletes.

Thousands have joined our efforts in Brazil, Haiti and Jordan. Hundreds of children have become full members of the Academy where they receive help with nutrition, health, education and sports training. Around 30 make up the under-20 team that participates in the soccer/football league of the State of Rio de Janeiro, among them, Syrians, Haitians, Brazilians and one Venezuelan.