A football match began in the Middle East and will only end in Brazil. The final whistle will sound with the arrival of five young Syrian athletes at the Training Center of the Pérolas Negras Football Academy, in the municipality of Paty de Alferes, in Rio de Janeiro. It will be the result of the mission that led to a refugee camp in Zaatari, Jordan, a team of Brazilian professionals to select new athletes, this time Syrian, to join the Viva Rio Refugee World Team. It was an exhausting job to pick the best players and a football coach among young people living in Zaatari, Jordan's largest camp with 80,000 Syrian refugees. This beautiful story was told by the series "A Partida" at Esporte Espetacular on TV Globo. The series narrates the whole process of selection of the new Pérloas in four episodes and with the conduction of the reporter Pedro Bassan.

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