Badio builds his dreams together with the Black Pearls

Living for the past 2 years in Brazil and selected in one of the selections (peneiras) of Black Pearl in Haiti, the 18-year-old Sub-20 Badio defender reveals how the club has helped him thrive in life.

“I left Haiti after passing a selection test with the Black Pearls. It was a one-month championship. I was chosen by the technician. I trained at the Black Pearl Academy in Haiti, and I stood out, I was soon chosen to play in Black Pearls Brazil “says Badio.

Recruitment in Haiti is accomplished through the organization of informal street football tournaments. Technicians choose the best talent to train in modern facilities, located on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, in an area of 50 thousand square meters. More than 120 young athletes, among girls and boys, attend the Academy. The greatest highlights are given the opportunity to come to Brazil to build a better future.

But for the ‘super defender’, the most difficult moment of his coming to Brazil was telling the news to his mother: “I was afraid, I did not know what was in my mother’s head, I was a boy, I was everything to her. The day I received the news that I would come to Brazil, I was afraid to tell her. I told my brother, he told the news. But my mother was very happy. She said: Of course, my son! You can go in pursuit of your dream “he says.

Totally adapted to the Brazilian culture, Badio gets his inspiration from Chelsea defender David Luiz, and hopes to make a lot of success in Brazil and Europe, and for this he counts on Black Pearl support to achieve his dreams.

“Since I was a child, Brazil was in my heart. Black Pearls has helped me realize my dreams, the main one becoming a professional player and, in the future, to play in Europe. Another dream is to bring my mother to Brazil. Nostalgia is killing me. After bringing her, I’ll get my other relatives. “ he says.

In addition to embracing Brazilians, Black Pearls has players from Haiti, Syria and Venezuela. The club’s focus is to be increasingly recognized as the world’s refugee family. ”

By: Nathã Soares

Photo: Vitor Madeira

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